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5 phonics activities to help with learning to read

When it comes to helping children learn to read, it’s useful to have a few different tools to hand. Here are 5 resources to help!

Want help with a specific grapheme or letter sound?

Check out the practice mode on the app (for phones and tablets) or digital flashcards (for PC and laptop).

Want cards or posters?

Print our flashcards or display materials, complete with colourful monsters!

Want to get active?

Get phonics-fit by playing pass-the-sound relay race, or one of our other physical phonics games.

Want to sing-along?

Our animated phonics songs are specially designed for revising and teaching letter-sounds. 


Got a phone or tablet?

Download all 3 games for just £4.99 on your iPhoneiPadAndroid or Amazon device. Practice mode included.

Enjoy teaching your monster to read!

Dig, Plant, Water, and Harvest!

We have some exciting news from the Teach Your Monster HQ. In our game Teach Your Monster Adventurous Eating, you can now grow your own food in Bub’s Garden! 

Using the elevator to descend to the garden, your child’s monster can now dig, plant, water, and harvest their own food in their very own veg patch.

Your Monster in the Adventurous Eating Garden!

From Planting to Plating: Expand your knowledge while having fun!

Through the veg patch, children can now learn about the journey their food takes from planting to their plates. Witness the magic of nature as you dig, plant, water, and nurture your crops too. At the end, Bub can harvest the fruits of your labour.

Dig, Plant, Water, and Harvest

Engage in various gardening activities as you nurture your veg patch. Dig deep to prepare the soil, plant a variety of vegetable seeds, water them regularly, and watch as your plants grow. When the time is right, carefully harvest the ripe produce and prepare it for Bub to taste.

The vegetable patch in Teach Your Monster Adventurous Eating

Satisfy Bub's Taste Buds 

Experience the joy of feeding Bub with fresh, homegrown vegetables. Pick the ripest and tastiest vegetables from your garden and offer them to Bub. Watch as the veggies get prepared for Bub too. They can also experiment with different combinations to make mealtime a truly enjoyable experience!

Make sure you update to the latest version of the game to embark on an educational journey through Bub's garden:  

App Store

Google Play



Enjoy the wonders of nature and the satisfaction of growing your own food.

Good luck, and happy gardening!

From Teach Your Monster HQ

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