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Version 3.5 is live, easier to hear and better on iPhone X

Hold your monsters! Version 3.5 of Teach Your Monster to Read has now been released on all app stores and we've got some lovely little improvements in here, along with some 'quality of life' updates.

Words are now easier to hear

We know that there can be a whole load of background noise in the home or classroom whilst playing, so we've made the words louder and clearer. This follows on from release 3.4 when we made the phonemes easier to hear - which was very well received by parents, teachers and most importantly, children. We believe this is one of the most useful improvements we could make to the app at this time. We're really excited about how much this simple change can help children learn to read whilst playing the game.

Collectable stars can now be transferred between games

Previously a player couldn't carry their stars from the second game 'Fun with words' to the third game 'Champion Reader'. But now, any player who conscientiously saves their stars, can rightly carry them into 'Champion Reader'. So whether you save them up or spend them in the shop, your stars are always yours to use as you please.

The game is now full screen on iPhone X

The game now looks better on iPhone X and makes use of every pixel.

Help messages have been made clearer

and, well... a bit more helpful. Enough said, really.

We love to read your success stories and we want to know what you’d like added to the game, so please leave a review. As a charity with a mission to improve children's literacy, we want to make this game as great as it can possibly be.

We dedicate version 3.5 to everyone who has left us a review over the past year asking for the audio to be easier to hear. We've been listening (excuse the pun) and ramped up the quality and volume of the words and phonemes so your little ones can hear them better.

Do you like this release? Want to see more? Let us know.

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