New game launches this June!

Ms Jangle and Ms Jumble are new characters in the Teach Your Monster to Read series, launching this June, and they are ready to offer fresh reading challenges to our eager monsters.

They are the slightly clumsy and dotty caretakers of the planets and are very forgetful – they are always losing their sounds!

The monster must find these sounds (which are written on their marbles) and make sure they give the right ones to the right person. If Ms Jumble and Ms Jangle receive the correct sound, then they lift off their top hats and gobble down the sound. Slllluuuurrrp!!!

This game is a fantastic way of introducing children to the new spellings for the letter-sounds. At this stage, children will already know that the phoneme /ai/ can be spelled ‘ai’. Now they will learn that it can also be spelled ‘ay’, ‘eigh’ (as in ‘eight’) and ‘ey’ (as in ‘they’).

This game also helps with their understanding of alternative pronunciations of letters, such as /i/ as in ‘fin’ and /i/ as in ‘find’.

Teach Your Monster to Read 3 launches on 4th June 2015.

To play Teach Your Monster to Read: First Steps or Teach Your Monster to Read: Fun With Words then log into your game or sign up here:

Be our monster for the day!

We require a person to be the Teach Your Monster to Read monster for the day!

We’re looking for someone to wear the monster mascot costume in a London school on the morning of 15th May 2015. It will be a fun day, interacting with children and teachers and you’ll be promoting the new and free Teach You Monster to Read game, Champion Reader.

The costume is made for someone over 5’6″ tall. We also require the person to have an up-to-date DBS check for this role.

Please get in touch if you are interested in this paid position: [email protected]

Receive a letter from your monster.

When a child is half way through Teach Your Monster to Read: First Steps, you can now download a letter from their monster.

In the letter, the monster thanks the child for helping it on its reading journey. It also encourages the player to complete the rest of the Teach Your Monster to Read games so it can keep learning its letters and sounds.

Just log into your account, find the player’s name and click the ‘Monster letter’ link to download and print the letter.

We’d like to hear what parents think of this new feature. Just send us an email to [email protected] or make a comment in the box below.

Share your monster letters online – we’d love to see them!

Launching this June! Champion Reader.

We’re pleased to announce that the third Teach Your Monster to Read game will launch on June 4th 2015. We cannot wait to share the game with our players!

Entitled ‘Champion Reader’, this game will find the monsters in a new universe full of fascinating planets to explore and curious new characters to meet. These include the wise woman Jessica, who is the monsters’ friend and guide, the horrible green Goblin Prince who turns people into blocks of ice, and Mrs Jumble and Mrs Jangle, the two top-hatted creatures who have lost their marbles!

Continue the reading adventure with Teach Your Monster to Read: Champion Reader

Explore different ways of representing the same sound
Explore alternative ways of sounding out the same letters
Read more tricky words and play more blending and segmenting games
Read for purpose with magical little books
The computer version is 100% free, forever.

Teach Your Monster to Read 3: Champion Reader complements all synthetic phonics programmes used in schools.

For a more details about the educational content of Champion Reader, please read our game by game comparison.

To play Teach Your Monster to Read: First Steps or Teach Your Monster to Read: Fun With Words then log into your account or sign up here:

Practise phonics with these phonics baskets

This phonics activity can be created using toys or things you find in the home or classroom. Write down the phonemes on a piece of paper that you’d like your child to practise. Ask them to put each object starting with the same phoneme into the corresponding basket.

Take a look on the Imagination Tree website for detailed way to set this activity up:

New features for teachers!

We’ve been improving the Teach Your Monster to Read website to make it more useful for teachers and students. Here are some of the upgrades we’ve made this month:


You can now turn passwords off completely so children can log in using only their name. Just pop into your account settings to do this.
If you’re using auto-generated passwords, you can now choose to print out your passwords in capital or lowercase letters on password cards or in letters to parents.
Certificates, password cards and posters:

Password cards, certificates and posters can now be downloaded in bulk.
You can download posters and certificates for all your players, particular players or those in a group.
Progress reports:

Progress reports can now be downloaded for a whole group so you can compare the stats across a class.
Teacher to parent letter:

We have made sharing the game easier. Teachers can now easily edit a letter to parents. The letter contains login details for each of their students and can be printed in bulk.
We hope you find these new features useful – many of the changes have come out of conversations with our players.

Please get in touch if you have further suggestions, ideas or feedback about the website and game. We’d love to hear them!

The Teach Your Monster to Read team

The winner of the Christmas colouring competition is…

Congratulations to Ashley Knight, the winner of the Teach Your Monster to Read Christmas colouring competition!

Ashley created the monster ‘Sprout’. Sprout wanted lots of books for Christmas – we think he’ll be happy with his book prize.

Here is Ashley with his winning picture.

The competition was judged by Teach Your Monster to Read illustrator Rich Wake,

Rich said:

“The winner for me is definitely Sprout by Ashley because I love the goggly eyes, pom-poms and glitter that have been added. Very creative and very Christmassy. Also the colouring in is really neat”.

Well done Ashley!

Here are some of the other fantastic entries into the competition. Thank you for sending through your monsters.

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