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Your monster is back! It's time to get Reading for Fun!

Designed by the creators of Teach Your Monster to Read in collaboration with educational experts from Roehampton University, Teach Your Monster: Reading for Fun gets children reading more, boosts their confidence and inspires a lifelong love of reading!

Your Monster is back again! This time there is a huge, magical new world to explore full of fascinating facts and amazing stories. Help the villagers with their jobs to earn over 70 incredible real-life books to put on your monster’s bookshelf. Some of these books will even help you bake cakes, find treasure and make the villagers laugh and giggle. 

Trouble is never far away though. Your monster will need to use all its wisdom, skills and bravery to stop the book-eating goblin causing chaos in the village and eating all the books!

Reading for Fun - Bakery chaos!

To play the beta (early test version) of Reading for Fun today, login at

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