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What is The Hungry Word Beast?

Scariness 5 Speed 2 Special Powers 8 Size 9 Appetite 10

The Hungry Word Beast is Teach Your Monster to Read 2: Fun With Word’s biggest character – she is ten times the size of the monster! She is orange with a very large yellow mouth. Her appetite is huge and she loves to eat words for breakfast, lunch and dinner – but only the correct words.

She makes a lot of noise while eating and if a word isn’t right, she’ll spit it out in disgust! Bleeurrgghhh!

The Hungry Word Beast appears at the end of every journey. She is big and loud, but not as scary as she seems. You can keep The Hungry Word Beast happy by feeding her all the right tricky words. Listen carefully or look at her body and you’ll find a clue to which word she wants to eat. Good luck!

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