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Understanding Singapore Math: A Guide for Parents of 3-6 Year Olds

Navigating through the world of numbers can be a delightful experience for young minds! Especially with Singapore Math, a method that has become popular globally for teaching kids about numbers in a unique and effective way.

A child plays Teach Your Monster Number Skills on her tablet.

What is Singapore Math?

Singapore Math is more than just a way of teaching math; it’s about helping children understand how numbers work. This method encourages:

Understanding over memorization: Kids get to know why numbers work the way they do, achieving maths mastery.

Visual learning: Using objects and pictures to help explain math.

Mental math: Helping kids feel comfortable to work out problems in their heads.

Step-by-Step Progression: Kids progress from concrete (objects), to pictorial (visual), to abstract understanding (numbers).

Building Confidence with Numbers

A visual chart detailing the Singapore Math mastery approach.

Singapore Math helps kids become friends with numbers. It does this by:

Teaching basics well: Kids really understand the basics of math before moving on.

Making math real: Uses real-life examples so math has context and makes sense.

Practicing regularly: This helps turn understanding into confidence.

Simple Tips for Parents

If you're a parent looking to help your child with math, consider these simple steps:

A teacher and pupils enjoy playing Teach Your Monster Number Skills together in a classroom.

Use objects: Count using things around the house.

Include math in stories: Make numbers a part of bedtime stories.

Talk about numbers daily: Counting fruits or toys can make math a fun daily activity!

Using Teach Your Monster Number Skills

A screenshot from Teach Your Monster Number Skills - an educational app for kids.

Teach Your Monster Number Skills is a fun app that mixes games with Singapore Maths concepts. It:

Makes learning fun: Kids are engaged and focused on playing the game, while learning fundamental number skills.

Adapts to Your Child: The app changes to suit your child’s learning speed, ensuring they grasp one concept firmly before moving to the next.

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Expert Insight

Our math education advisor on Teach Your Monster Number Skills, Bernie Westacott, highlights how visual learning is crucial: "Singapore Maths teaches children to represent a problem in a visual way as something to look at and explore before progressing to more abstract calculation methods."

Dr. Yeap Ban Har, an international authority on the Singapore Math Method, asserts: "One of the key strengths of math teaching in Singapore is the development of number sense before the memorization of number facts."

Charting a Joyful Numerical Adventure for Your Child

Helping your child learn and enjoy math can be simple and effective with Singapore Math. Every child’s learning journey is different, and each step they take towards understanding numbers is one to celebrate!

Remember: With consistent and fun learning, kids will find joy and confidence in their mathematical journey!

Click here to try Teach Your Monster Number Skills for free

A happy young girl plays Teach Your Monster Number Skills on a tablet.


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