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Beyond Numbers to 10 - The Expansion of Number Skills!

Something HUGE is happening here at Teach Your Monster - Number Skills is expanding! The team have been working very hard to bring you the next stage of Number Skills, set to expand into the UK Key Stage 1 Year 1 curriculum and US standards for Kindergarten curriculum.

Number Skills has been a huge success so far, with over 20 million plays and thousands of five star reviews. Since the launch, we’ve been overwhelmed with the response from teachers and parents, but we also have had literally hundreds of you ask us for harder levels for older kids.

Well finally... IT'S COMING!

As ever, backed by our Maths expert Bernie Westacott, we have ensured that the game is aligned with all US common core standards and the UK national curriculum, so you can be certain that your kids are making the right progress at the right time with their numbers.

There will be loads of brand new mini games, a whole new set of islands to explore, new stories and a few surprises in store too...

Be the first to play the game

If you can't wait for the new school year to play the game, click here to join our Number Skill Testers Club and play an exclusive, early version of the game for free!

New Number Skills stages


In our upcoming 'Experienced' stage, we’ll be covering concepts like:

  • Numbers to 100
  • Place value
  • Composition/Decomposition
  • More advanced addition/subtraction
  • Number bonds
  • The foundations of multiplication.

Things to do before end of term:

  • Access Monster Trucks and Volcano in class now via Practice Mode to warm up the kids for next year!
  • Transfer your current students to their new teacher quickly and easily. All you need is their email address and this helpful 1 minute tutorial!

Can't Wait? You can already play two brand new mini games right now!

Simply go to Practice Mode and you'll see two new games under the "Games" section. If you're not sure how to access Practice Mode, watch this video to find out.

Monster Trucks

Number Skills Monster Trucks Higher Numbers game

‘Bumper Cars’ has expanded to ‘Monster Trucks’ where children can recognise and bump numbers up to 20, with a clever use of 2 ten frames. Skills: Composition/Decomposition, Addition, Subtraction, Number Bonds.


Multiplication in Number Skills

The ‘Bouncy Castle’ has expanded to ‘Volcano’ where children can count up to 50, not only in ones but 5s too! This is a start to the foundations of multiplication.
Skills: Counting, Multiplication

These can be accessed via practice mode in the app and on desktop! Watch the video below to find out how to access them. 

For those covering the game in class, the game currently has counting, subitising and number bonds (reception/Pre-Kindergarten) up to 10 EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage). One of our core principles in mathematical learning is that repetition of concepts solidifies number knowledge, and moving on too quickly might hinder the building of basic number knowledge. So it’s important that kids have been allowed to play the first two stages in Number Skills before moving on. 

Once confident in numbers to 10 and 20, moving on to numbers to 100 and place value will be much easier for them and the next stage of Number Skills supports them on their journey. 

The full update to Number Skills will be out in time for the new school year, with many more brand-new mini games, and a whole new island adventure to explore. Keep an eye out for further news on this.

Leo Allen
Number Skills Product Manager

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