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Review of the game by Peter Cassidy, teacher and parent

This review by Peter Cassidy is based on his observations of his daughter, Emily Cassidy-Oki, using the product.

Peter’s daughter Emily playing ‘Teach Your Monster to Read’.

“Teach Your Monster to Read” is the perfect blend of game and teaching-tool for families or educators looking to get their children / students intrinsically motivated to read. Emergent readers can choose the beginning levels that offer captivating and achievable challenges in a framework of contextual narratives. Creating the monster is just the beginning and the gamers will soon realise that reading leads to advancing the story and to helping develop one’s monsters with add-ons that they can choose along the way. Rewards are gathered and the goal of exploring more planets is embedded in a strategic linguistic journey that teaches reading and phonemic awareness. Context-rich graphics and riddles presented in this wonderful journey lay the groundwork for choosing the right paths leading to learner empowerment. The wide variety of skill-based activities add a surprise element that is facilitated by a narrator who encourages every step of the way. Parents, teachers and children will not be disappointed by this free resource that was created for the purpose of supporting learners as they develop a foundation for lifetime reading skills.

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