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New game launches this June!

Ms Jangle and Ms Jumble are new characters in the Teach Your Monster to Read series, launching this June, and they are ready to offer fresh reading challenges to our eager monsters.

They are the slightly clumsy and dotty caretakers of the planets and are very forgetful – they are always losing their sounds!

The monster must find these sounds (which are written on their marbles) and make sure they give the right ones to the right person. If Ms Jumble and Ms Jangle receive the correct sound, then they lift off their top hats and gobble down the sound. Slllluuuurrrp!!!

This game is a fantastic way of introducing children to the new spellings for the letter-sounds. At this stage, children will already know that the phoneme /ai/ can be spelled ‘ai’. Now they will learn that it can also be spelled ‘ay’, ‘eigh’ (as in ‘eight’) and ‘ey’ (as in ‘they’).

This game also helps with their understanding of alternative pronunciations of letters, such as /i/ as in ‘fin’ and /i/ as in ‘find’.

Teach Your Monster to Read 3 launches on 4th June 2015.

To play Teach Your Monster to Read: First Steps or Teach Your Monster to Read: Fun With Words then log into your game or sign up here:

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