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New features for teachers!

We’ve been improving the Teach Your Monster to Read website to make it more useful for teachers and students. Here are some of the upgrades we’ve made this month:


You can now turn passwords off completely so children can log in using only their name. Just pop into your account settings to do this.
If you’re using auto-generated passwords, you can now choose to print out your passwords in capital or lowercase letters on password cards or in letters to parents.
Certificates, password cards and posters:

Password cards, certificates and posters can now be downloaded in bulk.
You can download posters and certificates for all your players, particular players or those in a group.
Progress reports:

Progress reports can now be downloaded for a whole group so you can compare the stats across a class.
Teacher to parent letter:

We have made sharing the game easier. Teachers can now easily edit a letter to parents. The letter contains login details for each of their students and can be printed in bulk.
We hope you find these new features useful – many of the changes have come out of conversations with our players.

Please get in touch if you have further suggestions, ideas or feedback about the website and game. We’d love to hear them!

The Teach Your Monster to Read team

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