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Mr Thorne Joins Forces with the Monsters

We’re thrilled to announce that our new game, Teach Your Monster to Read 2: Fun With Words will feature the wonderful Mr Thorne from Mr Thorne does Phonics!

Mr Thorne will be voicing the letter sounds and words in the new game, bringing his original, clear and engaging voice (and of course his enthusiasm) to Teach Your Monster to Read. It’s going to be an unstoppable partnership!

Mr Thorne is a UK-based teacher whose highly-respected YouTube site Mr Thorne Does Phonics contains over 500 literacy videos and has fast become an internet sensation.

His materials have been viewed in schools around the world, and his reading and spelling apps have been in the top 30 educational apps in over 50 countries worldwide. We’re very lucky to have him on the team!

For more about about Mr Thorne go to YouTube or

Teach Your Monster to Read 2: Fun With Words will be available to play next Wednesday. Watch this Space!

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