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Defeat the dragon in Champion Reader!

The dragon is a funny and fiery new addition to Teach Your Monster to Read. He’s blue and scaly and rocks back and forth on a spring! Watch out, though, because he breathes out fiery words which the monster must read and understand.

In order to defeat the dragon the monsters must find the correct sound in the words.

This is a great game for rehearsing the different ways of spelling the phonemes (sounds). For example, the dragon breathes out the words ‘burger’ and ‘bird’ and the monster must identify the same sound in each e.g. /ur/ and /ir/. If he doesn’t get the sound right then the dragon breathes out a new word with the sound again.

Teach Your Monster to Read 3: Champion Reader launches on 4th June 2015.

To play the first two games Teach Your Monster to Read: First Steps or Teach Your Monster to Read: Fun With Words then log into your game or sign up here:

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