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Coming soon to an iPad near you… Teach Your Monster to Read 1: First Steps!

With all the same functionality and features that children loved about the online game, this iPad version will be just as fun and educational, helping young children to practise the initial steps of reading.

Teach Your Monster to Read: First Steps phonics app is built on the principles of synthetic phonics and follows the teaching sequence in the “Letters and Sounds” programme

The game develops children’s speed and accuracy of letter recognition by taking them on a fantastic adventure through a magical world where they meet island kings and collect letters to win prizes. It also explores blending and segmenting, and introduces “tricky” words in a fun, interactive setting. It is aimed at beginning readers, both those who are on track and those who need more support.

Teach Your Monster to Read: First Steps app features the voice of Simon Farnaby from BBC’s Horrible Histories.

Teach Your Monster to Read: First Steps app will be priced at £2.99/$4.99. The web-based version for computers of Teach Your Monster to Read games 1 and 2 (First Steps and Fun with Words) remains available to anyone for free.

Proceeds from the app support further literacy-focussed charitable initiatives from the Usborne Foundation.

To register your interest in hearing about the Teach Your Monster to Read: First Steps please email [email protected]

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