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Beta testing Champion Reader

Children and teachers from several schools across the world helped to beta test the new Teach Your Monster to Read game, Champion Reader, over the past few months. They played it extensively, looking for bugs and reporting back on educational issues and playability.

It was an insightful experience for everyone involved and we had some fantastic suggestions from the children. Our favourite suggestions was a vampire cloak and a pink dress to go in the shop, more stars to collect, and the mega treasure chest stuffed full of treats.

Teachers suggested many improvements, such as a map for the new world and better ways to navigate the monsters through the game. Teachers had a big input into the words and sentences used in Champion Reader, too.

It was invaluable to have this kind of insight into how the game works in a classroom setting and has helped make Champion Reader even better.

Thank you to our teachers Helen, Matt, Gina, Kimberlee, Nicky, Kristal, Tom, Dawn, Ewa, Debbie and their students!

Ms Lewis’ class in Florida using Teach Your Monster to Read on the whiteboard.

Geavoni, testing the new game for bugs while teaching his monster to read.

Here’s what one of our testing teachers said about Teach Your Monster to Read. Thanks Kimberlee!

“The Teach Your Monster to Read program is a truly amazing addition to the classroom curriculum. After teaching or reviewing phonics I would allow students to work with their monsters to reinforce what they had learned. The activities presented helped students practice phonemic awareness as well as essential word building skills. While my students enjoyed creating and teaching their monsters I felt that the most important part of the experience was the deep joy they discovered in reading. – Ms Lewis, First Grade Teacher

If you would like to join in and test for Teach Your Monster to Read in the future, please get in touch by emailing [email protected].

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