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A monster poem by Judith

Teach Your Monster to Read fans love to share their passion for the game in all sorts of ways. We enjoy seeing pictures of your amazing monster creations and it's great to read all about how the monsters inspire children across the globe. Recently we received a beautiful poem written by Judith, from the perspective of her grandson, who loves to play Teach Your Monster to Read...

Most days I have extra fun

Teaching my monster to read

Dodging meteors then when done

I have my monster to feed.

We pop words into his mouth

He chomps them by the score

We journey north, west and south

Until we have some more.

I have trickies to chase and tickle

Until I catch them in my pocket.

Sometimes I get in quite a pickle

When I can’t guide my rocket

Lots of letter planets to explore

Adventures, challenges as we go

A secret gate, a hidden door

Stars to collect, paths to follow.

Passing goblins, spells to read

That part is quite hard

Because if I don’t succeed

My way ahead is barred.

So I try and try my very best

To read the goblin’s spell

I’ve done it ! (though it is a test)

I’m told I’ve done so well.

Soon my monster will love to read

Surrounded by his books

He’s had his words, a tasty feed

He grabs them with his hooks.

So now my monster lives with me

We both love reading together

As I sit upon his knee

Monster friend and I forever.

By Judith from the perspective of her grandson James.

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