Press Centre: Teach Your Monster to Read

Press Centre: Teach Your Monster to Read

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Game overview

The Game Overview is a short PDF which gives a quick run down of how the games work, and how children learn from them.

First Steps Game Overview (PDF) and Fun With Words Game Overview (PDF).


Game 1 screenshots

The Run game (letter / sound matching game - jpg)
The Sheep game: (letter / sound matching game - jpg)
The Climb game: (segmenting game - jpg)
Introducing new sounds (jpg)
Blending demonstration (jpg)

Game 2 screenshots

The Space Race (blending/segmenting game - jpg)
The Parachute game (blending/segmenting game - jpg)
The Journey (sentence/caption reading game - jpg)

Game 3 screenshots

Ms Jangle and Ms Jumble game (explores ways of representing the same sound)
Super Jump game (helps rehearse segmenting using a target grapheme)
Dragon Game (helps rehearse the different ways of representing sounds)
Spell Book (engages children in purposeful, fun reading)
The Shop (children can buy clothing and equipment as a reward for learning)

Game characters

Monsters (.jpg)

Monster 1
Monster 2
Monster 3
Monster 4

Game 1 Characters

The Jungle King
The Space King
Monkey King

Game 2 Characters

The Hungry Word Beast
The Trickies
The Shopkeeper

Game 3 Characters

Ms Jangle & Ms Jumble
Jessica, The Sage
The Goblin Prince


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