Feelings Printables

Feelings Printables

Discover the Monster Magic of Emotional Learning with Printable Resources!

We've got a bunch of printable SEL resources designed to make exploring feelings fun, engaging, and educational. As an excellent companion to the "Teach Your Monster Feelings" video game demo, our printables can integrate Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) into your classroom.

Feelings printables

Make a Monster: The Expression Exploration!

Unleash creativity and emotional intelligence with "Make a Monster"! Kids can cut out various expressions to choose how their monster is feeling. This activity goes beyond mere artistry – it's a fantastic way for children to understand and express their emotions. As they craft their monsters, they're building a visual vocabulary for emotions, fostering empathy, and laying some foundations for effective communication.

Download Make a Monster PDF

Thank You Letter from Your Monster: Gratitude in Action!

Ever received a heartfelt thank you from a monster? Now your students can! Our "Thank You Letter from Your Monster" printable not only encourages gratitude but also helps kids reflect on the role they play in their own and others' emotional well-being. It's a beautiful way to reinforce positive behaviour, kindness, and the understanding that our actions impact the emotional world of those around us.

Download Thank You Letter PDF

Coping Cards: Small Cards, Big Strategies!

Introducing "Coping Cards" – the pocket-sized superheroes of emotional regulation! These cue cards come with ideas and strategies to help kids learn about how to manage feelings constructively. From deep breathing to drawing, each card is a toolkit for emotional resilience. By making coping strategies accessible and fun, you're equipping your students with valuable life skills that extend far beyond the classroom.

Download A4 Coping Cards PDF

Download Trading Card size Coping Cards PDF

Anger Comic - coping strategies for kids

Social Stories: Bongo Blows His Top

Bongo Blows His Top is a cute comic that teaches kids some ways to identify and manage angry feelings.
Download A4 Bongo Blows His Top PDF
Download A4 Bongo Blows His Top Colour PDF

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