Adventurous Eating Comic Strip

Adventurous Eating Comic Strip

Are you ready for a tasty adventure with our fun foodie activities? Our game 'Adventurous Eating' is all about having a blast while trying out yummy fruits and veggies.

Parents and teachers, you can now bring the game to life at home or in the classroom with this awesome comic! Watch your little ones become food superheroes, getting braver and less scared of trying new, super-healthy treats. We teamed up with Dr. Lucy Cooke, a super smart eating expert, to make sure the game is backed by science!

In this cool comic strip, join your monster friends as they dive into a world of colours, textures, and flavours. They're using all their senses to discover the magic of healthy foods! 😋

But wait, there's more fun! We've cooked up a black and white coloring-in version of the comic for you to enjoy. Download your copies and let the foodie fun begin!

Ready to munch and crunch? Dive into the comic strip adventure here:

Let the tasty exploration begin!


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