Playing cards

Fun, colourful playing cards with images and graphemes.

NB: Save preparation time by selecting 'double sided' in the print options

Download grapheme playing cards:

Download all grapheme cards (set 1-7)

Download all grapheme cards (adjacent consonants and vowel digraphs)

Choose your own grapheme playing cards:

[s] [a] [t] [p] [i] [n] [m] [d] [g] [o] [c] [k] [ck] [e] [u] [r] [h] [b] [f] [ff] [l] [ll] [ss] [j] [v] [w] [x] [y] [z] [zz] [qu] [ch] [sh] [th] [ng] [ai] [ee] [igh] [oa] [oo - short] [oo - long] [ar] [or] [ur] [ow] [oi] [ear] [air] [er]

Download sets of grapheme playing cards:

Letters and Sounds: set 1: [s a t p]

Letters and sounds: set 2: [i m n d]

Letters and Sounds: set 3 [g o c k]

Letters and Sounds: set 4 [ck e u r]

Letters and Sounds: set 5 [h b f ff l ll ss]

Letters and Sounds: set 6 [j v w x]

Letters and Sounds: set 7 [y z zz qu]

Download image playing cards:

Download all image cards (sets 1-7)

[s - sun] [a - apple] [t - tent] [p - panda] [i - igloo] [n - nest] [d - dog]

[m - moon] [g - girl] [o - orange] [ c - car] [k - king] [ck - duck]

[e - elephant] [u - umbrella] [r - ring] [h - hat] [b - book] [ f - fish]

[ff - cliff] [l - lion] [b - bell] [ss - kiss] [j - jam] [v - volcano]

[w - window] [x - box] [y - yellow] [z - zebra] [zz - fizz] [qu - queen]

Consonant clusters and vowel digraphs

Download all image cards (adjacent consonants and vowel digraphs)

[ch - chick chain] [sh - ship sheep] [th - bath moth] [ng - wing king] [ai - rain nail] [ee - bee green] [igh - knight light] [oa - coat boat] [oo (short) - foot] [oo (long) - moon igloo] [ar - jar car] [or - torch fork] [ur - fur turnip] [ow - owl cow] [oi - oil coin] [ear - beard ear] [air - chair hair] [er - ladder letter]

Download additional playing cards:

Download all additional cards

Joker cards

Monstrous ingredient cards

Pirate cards

Word biscuit cards

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